20 Oct

Calm Before the Storm


Decisions, decisions.

20 Oct

It’s official, I’ve decided that graduate school is definitely something I want to pursue. The reason I’d been so iffy about grad school is the mere fact that I didn’t know what area of study would be right for me. It’s expensive, demanding, and requires major sacrifice (especially for people with families such as myself) and if I’m not 100% positive that I’m going to graduate with a masters saying, “This is me. This is what I was born to do” then I won’t do it.¬† Although, after talking to a few professionals in my current area of academics, I realized that not doing grad school is simply not an option. I have wonderful references from pretty awesome people, one of them being the Dean of my college, two other PhD’s, and the Editor of my school newspaper to name a few. All of whom have expressed their confidence in me to do well in furthering my education.

MFA in Visual Communications.¬† Is the one. It’s me 100%.

I’m going to take a year (maybe two, depends on my time management between now and then) off. But I’ve started studying for the GRE and I need to get a 1325 for entrance to the MFA program at Purdue.

Soundziez’ first entry.

19 Oct

I’m not going to write any cheesy “This is what my blog is” entry.

I would’ve liked to have started this blog with my first entry covering my experiences at ACL (Austin City Limits) music festival this year. However, I can’t seem to upload the minimal pictures that I took throughout the weekend so I’ll get back to it.


Looks like I’m going to open with a clip on existentialism¬† instead.